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Your journey to becoming a parent, whether for the first time or again, has not been smooth. You and/or your partner have struggled with infertility, with chronic pregnancy loss, or with having the endless financial – and emotional – resources needed to facilitate third-party reproduction. Or, despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to tune out the loud tick-tick-tick of your biological clock and are wondering whether egg-freezing should be something you are considering. What you wouldn't give to know how and when you will finally be able to become a parent. Friends and family just don't get it, and their questions reveal either pressure or pity. Much as you want to be happy for your pregnant friends, you also feel a painful twinge of envy that makes you feel even more sad and hopeless. It is agonizing not to know what the future will bring when all you want is something that others seem to get so easily.

I work with people for whom parenthood has been heartbreakingly elusive. I help people to develop agency in their reproductive lives, and to grow trust in their capacity to persist, whatever the outcome of their fertility journey.


If the rollercoaster of your family-building endeavor has made it difficult to even know what you want or who you are anymore, contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to see how therapy might help.